Residential Radiators & Baseboard Heat

At Supreme Energy, Inc., we are 100% committed to assisting residential and business owners to experience the joy of top-of-the-line heating equipment at competitive rates. We maintain, repair, install, and sell heating equipment – regardless of the size of the project. We have been trusted service providers for almost 100 years so you know you can rely on us for all your hot water/steam boiler heating system needs.

Understanding Baseboard Heating

Basically, baseboard heating is a system that is referred to as zoned. What this simply means is that you can put the heat right where you need it. Baseboard heating is appropriate for homes of any size – from tiny studio apartments to spacious mansions. It also works well in businesses from little, private offices to high-rise buildings. Because of the ‘zoned’ heating, one room can be set at a sultry 74°, while the room next door is a pleasant 68°.

This method of heating is economical and simple. There is no ductwork required, so it is perfect for older homes, room additions, and anywhere that ducting may not be a viable option. Baseboard heating is effective because the heating units (baseboards) are situated along the floor giving the air that they heat the opportunity to fill the room as it rises.

When the system is operating correctly, it is virtually silent. Much more so, in fact, than forced air heating systems. Additionally, they also differ from forced air systems in that there is no hot, dry blowing air to circulate contaminants and dust. Baseboard heating systems have hot water flowing through piping. There is a boiler, frequently located in a basement, that heats up the water and a pump that circulates the water through the pipes. And because there are few moving parts, breakdowns occur only rarely.

Understanding Radiators

Hot water heating systems and steam heating systems are very similar, with steam systems being the trickier of the two. You may have seen those ancient standing, cast iron radiators in older homes or businesses. They routinely hissed and crackled, but they did their job and exhibited a personality all their own. You don’t see them so much anymore, but newly designed radiator heat is still utilized in many buildings.

There is a lot of pressure involved with steam heating making it essential that frequent inspections be done on the entire system. In a steam system, the boiler heats the water to produce steam. Steam flows through the pipes because of the pressure being built up. There is no circulating pump required. Skyscrapers and other tall buildings use this system because steam is so much easier to circulate than water. But, again, in buildings of 40 stories, for example, the pressure inside the pipes and system can get up to 30 psi. That’s why the integrity of the system must be maintained.

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