Residential Above Ground Oil Tanks

If you are considering installing an oil-burning heating system for your home in New Jersey, one of your options includes installing the oil tank above ground. You should know that your above ground tanks are constantly exposed to the elements. Over time, these oil tanks can settle into the ground, and become uneven or unstable. You need to ensure that they are on proper base supports that prevent shifting and settling issues. If not, an unsteady tank can easily fall over. During winter months, you need to protect the exterior of your oil tanks. Icicles, snow, and ice might fall and damage the tank over time. At Supreme Energy, Inc., we specialize in an array of residential above ground oil tank services. Whether you need to install a new tank or maintain an existing one, we can help.

#1 for Residential Above Ground Oil Tank Installation in New Jersey

When you work with us for your above ground oil tank installation needs, our team will help you identify the perfect location to install the new tank. You can rest assured that we have experience installing both single and mani-folded tanks. For greater convenience, we also choose to install the fill and vent atop your tank. Supreme Energy can install a mechanical gauge that informs you of the tank’s oil levels upon your request.

#1 for Residential Above Ground Oil Tank Repair in New Jersey

If your oil tanks are subject to regular use, components such as the fittings, piping, valves, fuel delivery line, and storage tank may become damaged. If that happens, leaks can occur. It is pertinent that you repair any of those damaged parts without delay. You would want to ensure that your tanks are free of obstructions as well. This is necessary to avoid overfills. At Supreme Energy, Inc., we also check for cracked pads as well as the integrity of the tank’s legs. You can count on us to repair them to prevent your tanks from falling over and rupturing.

#1 for Residential Above Ground Oil Tank Maintenance in New Jersey

Some of the common signs that your residential above ground oil tank is leaking are wet spots on tank surface, oil consumption increases without explanation, heated oil odor, and more. It is pertinent that you schedule above ground oil tank maintenance to avoid leaks that may pollute drinking water wells, septic systems, sewers, and sumps. When it comes to maintenance procedures, here are some of the tasks performed by our team:

  • Checking the bund for accumulated rubbish or liquid
  • Checking the tank base for signs of subsidence or cracks
  • Checking to ensure the lid closes tightly
  • Checking for signs of rust (usually occurs from the inside out), discoloration, deep scratches, and bulges

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Supreme Energy, Inc., is a reliable residential above ground oil tank service provider. Our company was founded in 1921 and our team of expert oil tank technicians are recognized for their prowess in implementing stellar repair, installation, and maintenance solutions. You may be pleased to know that we service counties such as Morris, Bergen, Passaic, etc., in New Jersey.

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