No Heat or No Cool?

Check Before You Call!

No Heat Procedure:

  • Make sure all fuses/circuit breakers and emergency switches are on
  • If you use oil and are not on automatic delivery, make sure your tank is not empty
  • Check your thermostat:
    • Set thermostat above room temperature by 5 or 6 degrees
    • Make sure the clock is set to the current time
    • Make sure switch is set to “heat” setting (if applicable)
  • For steam boilers, water level should be half-way up gauge glass
  • For furnaces, air filter should be clean
  • For oil heating units, push reset button
  • If your system does not turn on, turn to OFF, then turn switch back on


Cooling Procedure:

  • Make sure on-off switch and circuit breaker is checked and in the “on” position
  • Check that thermostat is in cooling mode (if applicable) and clock should be set to current time
  • Air filter should be clean and clear of any debris


If you system still does not start after completing the above steps, call Supreme Energy for immediate service.


Natural Gas Emergency Disclaimer: 

If you smell any gas odor immediately call 9-1-1 AND your utility company so immediate attention can be provided.  Supreme Energy, Inc. cannot perform any service if these conditions exist.