Underground Heating Oil Tanks

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Thinking about your underground fuel tank?

Maybe you should.





Your underground oil tank (UST) is a critical element of your home, and, just like your roof or boiler, it requires attention to stay safe and efficient.


Typical Underground Tank Issues:
  • Sediment built up inside the tank can clog the system and choke off fuel supply
  • Older tanks may be at risk of leaking and contaminating your property
  • If you’re selling your home, buyers may be put off by an underground tank


The good news is that Supreme Energy has many options available for you to address these issues.


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Above Ground Oil Tanks

If you’re concerned about the integrity of your underground oil tank, replacing it with an above ground tank may be the best solution.  It will ensure the cleanliness of your property without the expense of converting to gas heat.


We have converted many heating systems from oil to gas, and the cost, including new equipment, chimney liners, and the gas meter, can be as much as three times what it would cost to simply pull out your old tank, install a new one above ground, and continue to enjoy the quality and safety of oil heat.


Flexible Tank Options:

Supreme Energy can install tanks in a variety of sizes, styles and capacities.  We will visit your property, advise you of potential locations for the new tank that can be approved by your municipality, and recommend the right tank for your property and budget.


Above Ground Oil Tanks

Multiple tank size and dimensions available!


Tank Cleaning

Have you ever lost heat even though there was plenty of oil in the tank?  Sometimes sediment gets into the fuel lines and blocks the flow of oil.  This can happen over time, especially in large size tanks.  Rather than shutting off your burner and asking our drivers to fill slowly, a simple tank cleaning can solve the problem and extend the life of your UST.


Our specially designed equipment will separate the clean oil and vacuum out the sediment from your tank.  A special probe is sent down your fill pipe and extracts the oil into our pump truck.  From there the oil goes through our filtering process, removing impurities.  The clean oil is then pumped back into your fully cleaned tank.  This affordably priced option is fast and effective.


 Our pump truck is ready to clean your tank!


ProGuard Oil Tank Cleanup & Replacement Plan

ProGuard protects you in the event of an accidental release from your underground oil tank.  Protection includes up to $1500 towards installing an above ground tank in the event of a claim.  ProGuard is transferrable when you sell your home and can be an attractive benefit to prospective buyers.


Underground Tank Plan:

  • Up to $100,000 for cleanup of an accidental oil release from your tank
  • $1500 towards an above ground replacement tank in the event of a claim
  • Covers both tank and oil lines
  • Transferrable to a new homeowner
  • $3500 voluntary pull deductible


To qualify for this coverage, you must be an automatic delivery customer.


Pricing varies and is subject to change.  This is intended as a brief plan summary.  Exclusions and limitations apply.  See terms and conditions for complete details.  The ProGuard Service Agreement is administered by The Powderhorn Agency, Inc. located at 353 Candlewood Lake Rd., Brookfield, CT 06804, and is provided by National Product Care Company located at 175 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL 60604.


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