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Home is where the heart is – your pride, your joy, your sanctuary –until…

  • Your heat stops working in the middle of a cold January night!
  • Your air conditioning gives out—and it’s 93º and 90% humidity!
  • A superstorm knocks out your power, and you’ve got a freezer full of perishables!


Supreme Energy has you covered. Discover how a full service energy company protects your comfort day in and day out:


 Heating Repair NJ Heating Oil Image - Supreme Energy, Inc. Energy Companies In NJ Installation Image - Supreme Energy, Inc.

Generators NJ Automatic Standby Image - Supreme Energy, Inc. Energy Companies In NJ Air Conditioning/Solar Image - Supreme Energy, Inc.


Young Family

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how happy I am with the boiler installation. Rob and the two Leos are the best team of guys who have ever worked at my house. Professional, knowledgeable and patient with my never ending stream of questions, they did a great job.  I especially want to single out big Leo who came by today to troubleshoot a leaking water issue and a thermostat issue and resolved them both. He truly impressed me with his knowledge and varied skillset.  I’ve been a cust…
IgnatiusEast Hanover, NJ
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