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    Home is where the heart is – your pride, your joy, your sanctuary –until…

    • Your heat stops working in the middle of a cold January night!
    • Your air conditioning gives out—and it’s 93º and 90% humidity!
    • A superstorm knocks out your power, and you’ve got a freezer full of perishables!


    Supreme Energy has you covered. Discover how a full service energy company protects your comfort day in and day out:


     Heating Repair NJ Heating Oil Image - Supreme Energy, Inc. Energy Companies In NJ Installation Image - Supreme Energy, Inc.

    Generators NJ Automatic Standby Image - Supreme Energy, Inc. Energy Companies In NJ Air Conditioning/Solar Image - Supreme Energy, Inc.


    Young Family

    Honesty, Integrity, and Trust – I know I can always expect that from my energy consultant.  It is a pleasure doing business with Supreme!
    Jim Johnston, OwnerRoseland, NJ
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