Residential Radiators & Baseboard Heat

Understanding Baseboard Heat

Baseboard heating is a hot-water system that puts  the heat right where you need it. One room can be set at a sultry 74°, while the room next door is a pleasant 68°.  

Baseboard heating is appropriate for homes of any size – from tiny studio apartments to spacious mansions. It also works well in businesses from small private offices to high-rise buildings. 

Baseboard heating is simple and economical. A boiler heats up water and a pump circulates it through pipes.  Because there are few moving parts, breakdowns are rare, and since no ductwork is required, baseboards are perfect for older homes, room additions, and anywhere that ducting may not be a viable option. 

Baseboard systems are virtually silent. And, unlike forced air systems, the air is not blowing out of ducts and circulating contaminants and dust.  

Understanding Radiators

Radiators distribute steam heat.  Usually when we think of radiators, we're remembering the hissing, crackling cast iron radiators in older homes or businesses, but newly designed radiator heat is still utilized in many buildings.

In contrast to hot water systems, steam systems don't require circulating pumps. Steam flows through the pipes because of pressure being built up. When vents on radiators become blocked with paint or dirt, the unrelieved pressure causes the knocking and whistling we associate with steam heat, so it's important to maintain your steam heating system properly.

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