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Heating Oil Price Protection Plans



Lock Down Your 50 FREE Gallons Today!


Don’t get burned again by high prices! Supreme Energy offers three ways to shield yourself from volatile oil prices:


Lock Price Plan:

Pre-pay and lock in your price for an entire season, plus if you order 800 gallons or more, get your first 50 gallons on us. Guaranteed prices protect you in case oil prices go up during the season. At the plan’s conclusion, we’ll credit your account for your 50 free gallons (plans of 800 gallons and up) and refund you for any pre-paid gallons you didn’t use. In order to take advantage of this low lock-in price, become a plan member for $25. Limited availability, while supplies last. Please note: To lock in your price, Supreme Energy purchases your oil for the year when we receive your registration; therefore, we cannot adjust the rate should the market price later go down.


Price Assurance Plan:

This plan establishes a ceiling price and a ten (10) month fixed payment for your heating oil this upcoming season. You will always be charged the LOWER of our regular price or the ceiling price on the number of gallons you have chosen to protect. Availability is limited, so reserve your spot today and include your first month’s payment and the $120 enrollment fee. Please note: 50 free gallons does not apply to this plan.


Market Rate Payment Plan:

Put an end to unpredictable spikes in your monthly expenses. You can pay your oil bills with fixed monthly payments calculated on your estimated usage at an estimated price per gallon. Any over- or under- payments are reconciled at the end of the plan year. There is no risk and no enrollment fee. Please note: 50 free gallons does not apply to this plan.


Above offers may be revoked at any time. Other terms and conditions may apply. May not be combined with any other offer or promotion.


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The technician was excellent!  He was courteous, professional, and fast.  Eddie is one of the reasons why I stay with Supreme Energy.  Please thank him again for me.
RalphUnion, NJ
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