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    Natural Gas & Electric

    Natural Gas and Electric – The POWER of choice. Thanks to deregulation and the unbundling of energy services, you are no longer required to purchase your natural gas and electric through utility companies.  The choice is now yours and the supplier you choose can make a big difference to your bottom line. Supreme Energy works as your partner, protecting BOTH your interests and your budget, making us the ultimate choice for a one-stop, full-service energy provider.   Choose experience: A reliable and trusted energy supplier since 1921, Supreme Energy has been customizing energy solutions for decades.   Choose customer service: Supreme Energy is one of the largest full-service energy providers amongst its competitors, yet small enough to provide the personalized customer service your business warrants with:

    • Knowledgeable and dependable energy consultants work with you to customize specific cost-savings plans that meet both your energy needs and financial goals
    • Flexible terms and options include fixed, variable or indexed contracts
    • Easy enrollment with no power interruptions during the transition:  Your utility company will continue to deliver your natural gas and electricity as well as respond to any outages or service irregularities.
    • Single-billing convenience where available

    Chose better prices:

    • Supreme Energy will never charge you switching or service fees!
    • Wholesale discounts are passed directly down to you
    • Depending on your utility service area, you may even be eligible for a sales tax discount on the delivery portion of your bill

    For more information or to schedule a free on-site consultation, contact us today!


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    We are new customers of Supreme Energy and former customers of Tullo Oil.  I have to admit, I was shocked and sad when hearing that Tullo had been sold, but I have been so impressed with Supreme Energy! Our first instance was when the heat would not go on the night before Thanksgiving.  We had a house full of relatives coming over the next day and there was a lot on my mind.  We called Supreme and a service tech showed up within an hour and reconnected a loose wire. The second instance …
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