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    Leadership Team

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    Deborah Berna Fineman:  President & General Counsel






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    Breezy Bozik:  Director of Business Development










      Stefan Bozik:  Corporate Development Manager







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    Manny Sevdalis:  Chief Financial Officer






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    Ted Ballison:  Sales Director






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    Marian Tafuri:  Administration Manager






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    Robert Fentzlaff:  Oil & Service Manager






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    John Spillane:  Manager of Information Technology






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    Dominic Valli:  Director of Marketing and HVAC Sales






    Beth Eickman





    Beth Eickman:  Controller


    I am very pleased to be a customer of Supreme Energy’s.  When you have a family, it is nice to know you can count on them 24/7, and a live person answers the phone!  I was previously a Keil customer.  When I was without heat, I would have to wait until the next morning for service.  Thank you Supreme for being there for me and my family!
    JudithRidgefield, NJ
    • Natural Gas
    • Electricity
    • fuel Oil/Diesel
    • service & installation
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