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What Does Energy Deregulation Mean for You?

Thanks to energy deregulation in many states, business owners today can make smarter and more economical choices about their energy providers. The free marketplace means that you get to shop around for the best utility prices, giving you great control over your energy costs.

You don’t have to fret about changing energy suppliers – there will be no service interruptions to your business or commercial property. We provide the gas and electric supply to you at the most competitive rates while your local utility providers continue to deliver natural gas and electricity, read your meters, and send you the monthly bills. All in all, energy deregulation simply means that now, YOU have the POWER of CHOICE.

Do You Need Natural Gas or Electric Supply?

Why Choose Supreme Energy, Inc. for Gas & Electric Supply in NJ & Surrounding Regions?

Not all energy suppliers are created equal. That’s why when you are lucky to be in an energy deregulated market, you need to choose the ideal energy supplier in order to save more. We help businesses of all sizes to tap on the best energy rates as well as help you to guard against commercial and industrial market conditions which may affect energy supply costs.

At Supreme Energy, we are on your side – we protect both your best interests and budget so that you stand to gain the most when using energy. Want to know more on why you should choose us as your gas and electric supply provider? See this:


    • No service sign-up fee or switching fee is charged
    • Wholesale discounts are passed directly down to you
    • Depending on your utility service area, you may be even eligible for a sales tax discount on the delivery portion of your energy bill
    • Flexible pricing plans which include fixed, variable, or indexed contracts


    • We are one of the largest full-service energy suppliers
    • Easy enrollment with no power interruptions during the transition
    • Single-billing convenience where available


    • We practice a client-first approach, no matter what the size of your business is
    • Our customer support team is available 24/7, providing help when you need it the most
    • Our reliable and knowledgeable energy consultants can work with you to customize energy solutions

To know exactly why the Supreme Energy team is best in the industry for gas and electric supply in NJ and the surrounding regions, contact us today to schedule a free on-site consultation.