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Heating Oil & Diesel

Founded over 90 years ago, Supreme is still one of the largest fuel oil dealers in the area with an impressive fleet of fully-equipped delivery and service vehicles that cover the needs of commercial clients no matter the size.


Supreme Energy is proud to offer and deliver to your commercial property:

  • #2 heating oil
  • Diesel fuel for fleet vehicles, trucking and transportation companies
  • Diesel fuel for backup or emergency generators, temporary heaters, off-road vehicles, construction equipment and cranes


Blended with Biofuel   biofuel-logo

  • Supreme Energy’s heating oil and diesel are blended with American made Biofuel
  • Burns cleaner and more efficiently, removing deposits that can build up
  • Extends the operating life of your heating system and machinery
  • Produces fewer harmful emissions during production
  • Better for the environment than traditional fuels


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I just want to let Juan’s manager know what a great person he is! He is wonderful, professional and respectful! When I opened the door, he introduced himself and asked if he could come in. Within minutes he resolved the problem and he communicated it all to me. I’m very happy with Supreme. What a wonderful company!
VictorRutherford, NJ
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  • Electricity
  • fuel Oil/Diesel
  • service & installation
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