Commercial Above Ground Oil Tanks


#1 for Commercial Oil Tank Installation in New Jersey

Supreme Energy specializes in installing above ground oil tanks in commercial properties. Our team of ROTH® certified tank installers can upgrade and replace existing tanks to prevent leaks. We prioritize quality control and make sure that every installation procedure is executed in accordance to the highest standards and with all regulatory codes.

Whether you want to install new oil level gauges or new fill pipes from the tank to the exterior of your building or you need to air test a newly installed tank, we can help. 

Supreme Energy partners with underground tank specialists to provide commercial enterprises with full maintenance, repair and installation services for all their oil tanks.

#1 for Commercial Oil Tank Repair in New Jersey

At Supreme Energy, we have an experienced and skilled crew that can repair a wide variety of above ground oil tank components. The parts we have repaired before include oil monitoring systems, tank pipes, containment sumps, spill buckets, top seal adaptors, overfill prevention valves, and more. You can rest assured that we will furnish your tank with all necessary upgrades with minimal or even zero impact to ongoing business operations.

#1 for Commercial Oil Tank Maintenance in New Jersey

Supreme Energy, Inc. provides stellar maintenance solutions for a great array of tank configurations, and we can make your oil tank look good as new regardless of tank size, solid/liquid viscosity or quantity. We provide:

  • Oil tank closures and cleaning
  • Pits maintenance
  • Process line and vessel maintenance
  • Visual inspection by trained technicians of tank integrity



Emergency service for your above ground oil tank in New Jersey is available 24/7/365. Contact us today for more information.

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