Mini Splits Could Be the Answer

Posted by admin on July 1, 2019

Central A/C and heat are great. But there are times and places when it just doesn't make sense to tear up your home's innards to run the duct work. A mini split air conditioning/heating unit may be just the solution for situations like these:

  •  You've finished a basement or attic room, closed in a porch, or put an addition on your house
  •  Your heating system doesn't use ducts (e.g., if you've got hot water or steam heat) and you want to add air conditioning, but you don't like the noise and ugliness of window air conditioners
  •  You want to heat and cool your garage
  •  You need to be able to control the temperature separately in different zones of your house without the significant expense of adding the necessary controls and equipment.
Mini splits can solve all these problems economically and effectively. The units take up very little space and can be mounted out of the way on the wall, ceiling, or floor. They are amazingly quiet and energy efficient.

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