Heating Oil – The More You Know, the More You Save

Posted by admin on February 6, 2014

First of a new on-going series of short, informative articles related to heating oil and your heating system.

Supreme Delivery!

Degree days explained, benefits of automatic delivery defined, and how you can help delivery accuracy!

What determines when we make a delivery?  There are a number of elements, but mostly, it is a matter of how fast your system consumes the heating oil in your tank.  Through a series of calculations using current weather conditions and historical consumption data, Supreme Energy’s computers are not only able to schedule when your next delivery will occur and how much fuel you will need, but also give you a real-time estimate of how much fuel you currently have in your tank.

There are two star statistics behind these calculations.  One is known as the “Degree Day,” which is a unit used in estimating fuel requirements for heating buildings. The other is your home or business’s fuel oil burn rate, which is based on a number of factors including the efficiency of your system and usage demands.  The number of degree days divided by your burn rate determines estimated fuel use per day.

Plenty of work goes into this research day after day, but it helps us guarantee peace of mind for our Automatic Delivery Customers.  With automatic delivery, you never have to be concerned with monitoring your fuel oil supply or worrying when you may run out – leave that up to us.  Our system is constantly being tweaked and updated to ensure that latest information and follow-up actions are being applied to your account.  Automatic delivery is free of charge and once you are registered, your account will also be eligible for our service and oil price protection plans.

You can help control your usage data accuracy.  Added more square footage to your property?  Have someone move in or move out?  Use more hot water lately?  These are all variable factors that contribute to your daily fuel usage.  Contact us with any changes: the more data we collect on your usage, the better we can forecast when your next delivery will be and how much oil you will need.  Notice you have been burning fuel faster lately?  Your unit may not be operating as efficiently as it can, causing an unnecessary strain on your fuel supply.  We offer free energy efficiency audits of your heating system, so give us a call today.  Remember, the more you know, the more you save!

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