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Posted by admin on December 11, 2015

With the holiday season in full swing, we at Supreme Energy want to take a moment and wish you and your family a very warm and joyful season with best wishes for a very Happy New Year.  We sincerely appreciate your business and are always here for all of your energy needs.  If there is ever anything we can do to make your experience with Supreme an even better one, please contact us at any time at 1-800-832-7090 or send us an e-mail at info@SupremeEnergyInc.com.

Warmest Regards,

Deborah Berna Fineman – President, Supreme Energy, Inc.


Give everyone the gift of heat this season!

This holiday season, gift yourself piece of mind by upgrading your heating system or water heater equipment.

Energy efficiency is a key figure to look at when shopping for a new heating system or water heater.  The higher the efficiency, the less fuel you use, thereby lowering your energy expenses.   Boilers and furnaces come with a rating called an AFUE, annual fuel utilization efficiency.  The higher the AFUE rating, the less energy is wasted.  Older models of boilers have an average rating of 56% to 70% AFUE.  New, higher efficiency systems have a minimum rating of 80% and can reach as high as 98.5%.  (energy.gov)

If your boiler or furnace is approximately fifteen years or water heater is about eight years, you should consider replacing your unit.  While routine maintenance and care can help extend the life of your equipment, if you find yourself making repairs on an annual basis, a new unit may be the best solution for your needs.  Supreme Energy is highly experienced in new heating system installations.  Schedule an appointment today with one of our knowledgeable equipment sales representatives.  They will take the time to discuss your options, take all the appropriate measurements and recommend the best course of action for your specific heating needs and budget.

To add some extra holiday cheer, we’re offering $500 off any new heating system installation and for a limited time interest-free financing for those who qualify.  NJ residents can also qualify for additional money saving rebates through the NJ WARMadvantage Program – up to $500 in savings.  Leave the ugly holiday sweaters to those without heat.  A new heating system is the gift that keeps giving year after year!  To learn more, click here.

A new system can really clean up a basement!



Surviving the Holidays:

Wouldn’t it be great if you made it through the holiday season stress-free?  Though one can hope for such a holiday, we at Supreme wanted to share some simple tips that can go a long way to ensure the season stays joyous!

  1. Manage your visit. If you are the one travelling to see family, opt to stay at a hotel to give yourself quiet time in-between visits.
  2. Break free of roles. See people for who they are today, and not the labels we may have put on them years ago.
  3. Practice appreciation. Don’t focus on the negative of the person—negativity breeds negativity.  Focus on what you appreciate of the person.

Like these tips, see the full article here:

Hosting a holiday event?  Make it great!  Check out this article from HGTV.com.


Automatic Delivery: Why it Should be an Automatic Decision!

 Supreme Energy has been delivering oil for almost 95 years!  Be worry-free this winter and enjoy the benefits:

  • NEVER RUN OUT OF OIL! Our system determines when your fuel supply needs to be refilled – so you never have to monitor your tank.  You are busy enough this holiday season, thinking about filling your tank should be the least of your concerns.
  • Hello service contracts! Automatic delivery customers are the only customers eligible for one of our worry-free service contracts, which includes 24/7 emergency response to heating issues.  Avoid costly service calls due to running out of oil.
  • ProGuard tank insurance: Protect your tank, protect your property. As an automatic delivery customer you are also able to purchase tank insurance through ProGuard.

Click here to sign up for automatic delivery today!

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