Better Than a Rabbit's Foot: Free HVAC Walk-Thru

Posted by manager on May 17, 2019

Do you cross your fingers at the start of every summer and winter, praying that your air conditioning or heating system turns on and stays on through the season?  You don’t have to leave it to chance.  At your request, one of Supreme Energy’s experienced HVAC supervisors will walk through your property and:

  1. Check integrity of wiring and controls 

  1. Visually inspect the heat exchanger for cracks and leaks 

  2.  Identify any duct work issues that might lead to uneven heat distribution 
  1. Recommend any equipment replacements or upgrades indicated 

 To schedule your free review and ensure the safety and comfort of your building’s occupants, call our Customer Service center at (800) 832-7090 or email 

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