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Posted by admin on July 25, 2018

Supreme Energy’s Price Protection Plans can save you money on heating oil this season and protect you from spikes in market prices.  Our experts have analyzed all the factors that impact oil prices, and created plans that can keep your heating bills as low as possible.  Plus your payments will be predictable so you’re not hit with unexpected expenses this winter.  Learn more about our plans and call us now at 1-800-832-7090 to get price information and sign up. This is a limited time offer.  Registrations must be received by August 31, 2018.  


A Short Course on Oil Prices

Oil prices are driven by supply and demand worldwide.  All sorts of things can influence that dynamic: politics, weather conditions, economic forces and so forth.  In the past several months, several key factors combined to raise oil prices:

Economic Expansion: As economies around the world have grown stronger, the demand for energy for manufacturing, transportation, and all sorts of uses has increased

Collapse of Venezuelan Production: Instability in this oil-rich country has crippled their production, leading to less supply on the world market

Anticipated Sanctions on Iran: Prices are also being nudged up by the worry that Iran might reduce its oil production in retaliation for sanctions

However, we believe that two other very strong trends will soon kick in to offset these forces, increase supply, and bring prices down again:

  • At the last OPEC meeting, Russia and Saudi Arabia announced increases in oil production
  • Domestic oil production in the United States will start coming back on line. When prices dropped drastically last year, US oil companies halted most of their extraction efforts, but since prices have recovered, they have been gearing up production again

Many other factors, large and small, impact oil prices, and, of course, Supreme Energy cannot guarantee that oil prices will fall, but we do guarantee that we monitor the markets continually to keep our prices as low as possible while still providing you with premium service.

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